Tetris-Inspired Casino Game Unveiled by Evoplay

Evoplay has released Neon Shapes, a game that many are comparing to Tetris. Tetris is, without a doubt, one of the most played video games in history. The game has been around for decades, despite its lack of complexity and the fact that it uses primitive visuals, because it remains popular with its original audience. Evoplay, a creator of online casino games, saw the immense potential in this genre and made their own take on the timeless classic of shape-arranging.

This new game, Neon Shapes, combines chance with strategic play. Although inspiration from Tetris can be seen in the new release, it stands on its own two feet. In order to maximize their rewards, players of Neon Shapes must adapt to a variety of unusual situations.


As Always, A Slots Game

Neon Shapes is a lot like Tetris, but it’s still just a slot machine at heart. With this update, Evoplay has ensured that its online casino game players remain satisfied. It uses a random number generator (RNG) technique and provides a ton of opportunities for users to engage in strategic gameplay. The game’s theoretical return to player ratio is 96%, which is higher than the norm for the industry at the moment.


Players can amass a lot of skill points by making shapes that adhere to the rules. A player may use these points to purchase the ability to rotate various forms. In particular, keep an eye out for yellow and golden shaped objects. Payouts are substantial if these are used in the right combinations.


The quantity of these winning Neon Shapes is determined by the random number generator integrated into this particular online casino game. This implies that no matter how well prepared or strategically sound you are, you can only get so far in any one game until you need a little bit of luck. In the iGaming sector, this game is a breath of fresh air that will be enjoyed by many gamers. It’s a novel concept that could foretell what the future of digital gaming looks like.


Significant Value.

Even though there is a new online casino game published seemingly every day, the fundamentals of slots gameplay are consistent no matter where you go. The player spins, the RNG decides what happens, and the result is shown on the screen. This is the unique selling point of Neon Shapes. Players are encouraged to invest significantly more time and energy into the game, and an unusual level of immersion is added.






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